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Dan Shilov
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Land your dream design job with this Figma presentation deck.

Final Folio is built for...

  • UI/UX Designers—Let those UI mocks pop! Diagram your process with flows.

  • Content Designers—Showcase your best work and show off your copy explorations.

  • UX Researchers—highlight key findings, insights and feature customer quotes.

  • And anyone looking to spin up a presentation quickly!

Final Folio is designed for interviews

100+ slides to help you present a compelling case study

  1. Start strong. Make a splash with neat portfolio covers, a professional looking personal intro, and set the agenda.

  2. Highlight craft. Plenty of UI form factors to get into the details. Just as many to zoom out and show the breadth of your explorations

  3. Let it flow. Dazzle with systems level thinking with over 30 diagrams, charts, flows, journey maps and visualizations.

  4. And more... Plenty of workhorse slides to bolster your case study reinforcing your story from beginning to end.

Based on winning design portfolio decks

Hi, I'm Dan. In over 10+ years in my career as a product designer I interviewed UX/UI Designers, Content Designers, and UX Researchers. Oh and by the way—I wrote a book about it. But it's no secret—the portfolio presentation is the most important interview type to get right.

This deck boils down the successful patterns I observed in senior and staff level designer presentations. It gives you a strong foundation to help you communicate your project’s story and win the interviewers over.

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100+ slides to help you present a compelling case study.

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Final Folio

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